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Functional outdoor wear by camel active

Spending time outdoors facing the elements? With our new "teXXXactive®" collection, the next adventure will be made more comfortable. Thanks to our specially taped seams and the breathable membrane, you are perfectly equipped - no matter the weather, teXXXactive® is made for you, because the entire collection is waterproof, windproof, breathable and of course PFC- & PTFE-free. Because we all want to protect what we love most: The Outdoors. teXXXactive® jackets come in many styles and colours - which one is your favourite?

Functional styles for any weather

What is teXXXactive®?

teXXXactive® is a unique camel active functional technology that is made for your daily adventures. Together with a PFC-free outer fabric and the right processing, the item becomes windproof and waterproof, but remains breathable.

When is a product a teXXXactive® product?

A product may only be labelled as a teXXXactive® product when the outer fabric is PFC-free and the membrane is PTFE-free. All seams are taped and the products must withstand a water column of 3K up to 5K.

How can you identify a teXXXactive® article?

You can recognise our teXXXactive® items by the yellow Function Highlight Tag, a special label attached to the sleeve of the jackets. In addition, we use a decorative outer print to identify our teXXXactive® products.

When do I need functional clothing?

teXXXactive® products are made especially for your daily adventures. A walk in the woods when it's windy, taking the dog out in the rain or simply when you're out and about and don't know how the weather will develop. With teXXXactive® you are prepared for everything. The many pockets offer space and storage for your belongings and are not only functional, but also give the style its well-known casual camel active outdoor look.