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Tying scarves: 5 inspiring styling ideas.

How do you tie scarves and shawls? Let us inspire you! Check our 5 styling ideas with our step-by-step guidance and you will get ready for the cold and windy weather instantly.

While we are enjoying the evening with our friends, we realize that it's autumn! The sun is setting sooner, the wind is picking up and it's simply cooler. Now is the perfect time! For casually styled, cozily warm scarves and shawls. But what is the best way to wear scarves and shawls? And how do you actually tie scarves correctly? We have the answers and reveal five inspiring ideas for your favorite accessory.

5 step-by-step instructions for tying scarves.

Step by step, you will learn how to tie scarves in a very simple way - and always in a new and different way! With a scarf or shawl, you are perfectly equipped for cool late summer nights. Often just a few simple steps are enough to give your look a refreshing hint.

Tie a scarf Look 1: Cozy style

This loose, light cozy look hugs the neck and is just as warm on cool summer nights as it is on crisp spring and autumn days.

Tie a scarf: Here's how!

  1. Take a square scarf and fold it into a triangle.
  2. Now take the two opposite ends and bring them around the left and right sides of the neck to the front.
  3. Tie the two ends loosely over your chest into a knot and move it sideways.
  4. Last but not least: pull the scarf into shape around the neck to give it extra volume. This is the best way to keep yourself warm.

Tie the scarf Look 2: Casual look

We love this style. Not only is it beautiful, it's also very easy to tie. So it's ideal when you need to go fast!

Tie the scarf into a loop: This is how it's done!

  1. Make a loop around your neck with a wide scarf. Both ends should then rest on your chest.
  2. Grab one end of the scarf and then the other, bring them to your neck and then through the loop from top to bottom.
  3. Now tug a little and you're done!

Tie the scarf Look 3: Hoodie look

With just a flick of the wrist, the everyday casual look can be transformed into a practical hoodie look. Not only will it protect you from the summer sun, but it will also give you some wind protection in spring and autumn.

Tie a scarf as a head covering: This is how it's done!

  1. First tie the scarf as in the instructions for the casual look.
  2. Then grab the scarf at the back of your neck and pull it over your head like a hood.
  3. Finish off by shaping the scarf slightly and rounding off your outfit with a cross bag if you like. That's it!

Tie the scarf Look 4: Festival style

This style is another great way to wear scarves as headwear and provides a good dose of festival feeling. And between you and me, it's also great for a bad hair day.

Style your hair with a scarf: this is how!

  1. Fold a square scarf diagonally in half to form a triangle.
  2. Place the scarf on your head with the tip of the triangle pointing towards the back of your head.
  3. Now tie the two opposite ends of the scarf together at the back of the head above the tip of the triangle. Combine it with a dress from our current autumn/winter collection and the festival can begin!

Tie the scarf Look 5: Cape outfit

As beautiful as the first leaves rustle under our feet, we don't want to part with summer and our favorite outfits just yet. And we don't have to! Because with a big scarf or shawl, which we turn into a kind of cape, we can easily wear jeans jackets and the like into November.

Use a scarf as a cape: This is how it works!

  1. In step one, wrap the scarf around your shoulders.
  2. In step two, tie it at the waist with a belt. Your cape is ready and you are perfectly equipped for the transitional season!

More styling tips for tying scarves.

How to tie scarves and shawls correctly? Compliments, you can do it now! Finally, we have some more tips for you.


  1. For sporty looks, your scarf or shawl can be coarser, thicker and more colorful.
  2. For a mix-and-match style, use scarves as highlight pieces. It's perfect when the colours or material contrast with the rest of the outfit. Make sure that the overall look remains harmonious.
  3. For a classic all-over look, match the scarf and coat well - in terms of both colour and style. In other words, match the sporty coat with the sporty scarf.



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