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The only constant in life is change. A fresh start. A new way of thinking. An eye for the things that really matter.
We believe in positive change and support people who follow their hearts.
Back to nature. People like Daria and Heine.


"The biggest adventure
  is to follow your dreams"  

Co-founder of BLISS & STARS

Certified mindfulness teacher
Sociologist from Poland

Astrophotography pro
Nature guide from Denmark


"After years of
travelling and
high-paced corporate
careers, it was
time for change."

Daria and Heine swapped their fast-paced urban life in Denmark for 1,350 hectares of deceleration within the rugged South African wilderness.

Daria and Heine sold everything they owned and set out on a journey to South Africa. After months of searching, they found a secluded place where they immediately felt at home.

How does it feel to escape civilization?

First of all, coming here was not an escape. We haven’t been trying to run away from ourselves or our lives. It was a conscious decision to leave the life we were supposed to leave. That was our starting point. As we didn’t feel rewarded or fulfilled by the way we lived our life back in Copenhagen. We see it more as an interesting adventure.

How did it all start?

When we arrived, we basically started from scratch. All we had was our pick-up truck, three suitcases, two dogs, a cooler box with an ice block inside and two paraffin lamps – and a lot of dreams. And there was a small broken cottage on the farm that gave us shelter for nearly a year.

What have your learnt here?

 We come from a modern mindset. It’s the mindset of scarcity. There’s never enough of things. We are not good enough. We don’t have enough of this or that.

I think, when you live in nature, you discover that there is an abundance of things, an abundance of water and sunlight. It just literally changes your mindset, and you wonder how many wonderful things there are to support you, to sustain you.

How did people react to this big change in your life?

Awesome! We get a lot of positive feedback from people saying that it’s inspiring, that it’s possible to live the dream. A lot of people want to take the biggest stick they can find and shove it into the hamster wheel and live the dream. And we hope we can inspire more people to be their true selves.

Would you advise others to make such a change as well?

Why not?! Of course the dream doesn’t need to be on such a radical scale. You don’t have to leave everything behind. Maybe start with a small wooden cabin in the forest for half a year or a small restaurant. You know, we are often ourselves the biggest hurdle to making it happen, and it takes away a lot of experiences from our lives. Be present and don’t get scared of what society thinks you should do. And accept uncertainty.

"We discovered
the importance
of nature
and our innate
power to
impact the
mental & physical

"You are suddenly in
the middle of nowhere."


Follow Daria and Heine on their journey from their high-paced career and urban lifestyle to a slow life in the wilderness.
Find out how to get a pizza without delivery service, how to plant ideas and harvest dreams. Stay tuned …


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